Who You Are?

What type of person are you, deep down? Answer these questions to reveal the truth about your personality.

Pick Your Poison

Bold illustration of a Chemex pour over coffee
Hand drawn illustration of hops
Three white water droplets in a black circle
Illustration of wine glass filled with red wine

Are you more of a ...

Black and white illustration of a proud cartoon lion
Hand drawn illustration of a large leaf potted plant
Tall and modern illustration of a bookshelf
Illustration of an open mouth with teeth showing

What makes you powerful?

Line drawing of symmetrical six sided shape with gemetric patterns inside
Illustration of over-ear headphones
Illustration of a winding road in nature with open sky, trees and mountains in the horizon
Illustration of a person in a yoga pose

Choose your weapon

Line drawing of a ball point pen
Illustration of a person holding another in a comforting embrace
Cartoon of a person with a mustache and exagerated muscles, lifting weights
Illustration of a person winking

Finally, refuel ...

Illustration of two peices of arugula crossed over eahother in a 'v' shape
Hand drawn illustration of a take out coffee cup
Illustration of a soda container and take out burger in a box
Line drawing of blender